React Native for Mobile apps

React Native for Mobile apps

React Native is one of the most used language in native mobile app development. Created by Facebook, it runs on the same library as React JS. React Native combines the best parts of native development with React, a JavaScript Library (check my article for more information on React JS).
Over the past few years, the interest for this language has been increasing nonstop, puting it as one of the best solution for mobile apps, but WHY ??

1/ Fast technology with cross-platform possibilities

React Native can save a lot of times, therefore money, to developers. In fact, React Native provides cross-platform possibility, meaning that it’s possible to develop an app on two platforms at once (ie: iOS and Android). This advantage can cut the development efforts, while keeping quality and productivity. Moreover, it means that a single code base is deployed to numerous mobile operating systems. React Native combines the benefits of mobile app development with the React’s environment potency.

2/ Efficiency backed by React power

React Native runs on the same library as React JS and therefore share the same potential and power, allowing the creation of powerful mobile apps.
React Native allows to create unique UI with predifined components. It is also possible to create your own components. Theses components speed up the app development process and it live reload feature makes you save a lot of time by reloading you app without recompile the whole code.
Like in React JS, components can be reused everywhere in the existing code.
The mobile app will be smoother and faster than a classic hybrid one.

3/ Supported by a solid community

Created by Facebook, React Native is largely adopted by developpers. In fact, the open-source platform is available for free. Consequently, it’s easy to get help by experts if you face any issue. Indeed, in 2018, React native had the 2nd highest number of contributors for any repository in GitHub.
This support also proves that React Native is set to be here for years to come.


React Native is a strong backed technology that will keep its position among the top. Its Javascript based coding allows developpers already using React JS/Node Js to be able to develop easily a mobile app using the same languages they are using everyday.
Javascript is becoming THE language to learn as developpers will be able to do backend (Node JS) / frontend (React JS/Vue JS) / mobile app (React Native) using mostly Javascript.

Thibault Jolivet


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