« Mudge » a.k.a Peiter Zatko

« Mudge » a.k.a Peiter Zatko

Peiter Zatko is famous in the field of cybersecurity.

Since Novermber 16, 2020 he is responsible for Twitter security.
But the story starts in 1995 when he was only 25 years old, he published his first books to explain how to hack Windows.
He penetrated the best protected systems of the time, for fun, but also to desmonstrate that they were not secure enough.

He is a whistleblower !

In 1998, he was auditioned in the Senate and explained to senators that he was able to paralyze the internet within 30 minutes, and he is frustrated that companies do not take cybersecurity seriously.

He said « Your computers are not safe – neither the software, nor the hardware, nor the networks that bind them together. The compagnies that build these things don’t care and have no reason to worry about them, because failures cost them nothing. And the federal government has neither the jurisdiction nor the will to do anything about it. »

Mudge was one of the very first hackers to cooperate and maintain extensive relationships with US government agencies such as NASA, US Air Force, the Pentagon, DARPA etc…
He also took part in the summit organized by Bill Clinton in 2000 to set up a training strategy to improve computer security.

My personal thought :

« Mudge » made it possible to highlight the problems of computer security, and to make the compagnies and other structures evolve to take care and protect their data as well as that of theirs users.

When i see how everything is or becomes digitized and saved on servers, or that we potentially spread personal data through social networks, or our bank details etc…
It is essential that the security ot those data is reliable and efficient.
I think that more and more we will need to attach importance to it given the speed at wich everything is evolving.

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Jason Castella


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