Materialize css.

Materialize css.

Materialize css.

In research about progress in development, frameworks show up as sources of good ideas it’s not new. But today i will show you a little piece of framework that can be helpful to have a really good looking website.

Its name is : Materialize.

First of all, what are the basics of this framework ?

Based on : Material Design

What that : Css language, inspired by nature , physical and texture.

What for ? Transform some brutal aspects of fluid and beautiful looks.

How ? Material Components are interactive building blocks for example for smartphones.

Ok, now we can begin :

First of all :

How to use it ?

To install Materialize there are two possibilities :




Download :

To download you need to go to then click « Get started » and the green button.

Compile :

If you just want to compile Materialize on your website you have to write this on your HTML

<!-- Compiled and minified CSS -->

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

<!-- Compiled and minified JavaScript -->

<script src=""></script>

For beginners be carefull :

Link is on the Head !

Script is at the Body's end !

Is it ok ? Now we can finally use it !

To understand the structure of this framework :

You want a stylish website ? Certainly, but not in the void. Materialize is based on grid. So keep it in mind to fully manipulate it.

With this you can manipulate elements :

Colors, forms, navbarre, icons and style. Plus, you can also access to Material style in Materialize. The goal here is to simplify the dev's work, you can use tools like text-center or hide elements to simplify tasks.

Is it really a good framework ?

Yes, but in some case, it's a good way to flood your code with a lot of words. Especially when you want a background color, text color or effects in general. Otherwise if you look demos at you will see masterpieces on how to use this framework.

	To finish, my feelings :
It's time to end this article. This framework brings some fluidity experiences. The navigation with Materialize gives really good feedback experiences'.

Pierre-Olivier BAUDINO.

Pierre Baudino


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