Poject Design

Poject Design


The definition phase of the project is an important step before implementation. It structures, organizes and plans the project.
Located between the initial definition and the actual conduct of operations, the design stage holds a central place, both literally and figuratively in the process. Indeed, its purpose is the preparation and organization of the implementation of the previously defined elements.

Communication is key:

Absolutely! Communication is the backbone of any project management. Be it with the clients or internally within your own team. A good percentage of designers had somewhat poor communication skills. However, this was easily remedied when they experienced firsthand how clear communication can help them. By smartly including them in client conversation and encouraging them to understand and create realistic timelines for themselves we got designers to be more open.

Always review internally first:

No matter how tight your timelines are, quality always comes first. Your reputation as a project manager is hugely dependant on not just timely but also flawless deliveries. So it is always smart to schedule a design review with the chief designer before sending out a delivery.

Project design stage

The design stage generally contains the production of a diagram mock-up but,
There is no rule as to the content of this phase. Depending on the project, the organizational work can be more or less complex and in-depth. For example, in certain cases, precise specifications resulting from a technical preliminary study can be drawn up. In other cases, a simple expression of needs resulting from the framing stage is sufficient. The method depends greatly on the usual practices of each company.


To conclude the design is a very important step in the realization of a project. Although it is not compulsory, it is preferable to carry it out to facilitate the rest of the project. Personally during my work-study program I never needed to carry out the design of the project since it was on relatively small projects the design was not mandatory, but on a larger project it can be useful as on the java project carried out during this training, the fact of carrying out the design phase a little facilitated the development phase.

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