Every day, new risks and security vulnerabilities are discovered, putting your data and systems at ever greater risk. The covid crisis also allowed the hacker to improve skills and thus increase the risk of attack. Since the beginning of this crisis, attacks have been on the rise for days, so companies like « Sopra Steria », « Umanis », « Altran » and many others are under attack. Compagnies are not the only victims of this hacker surge. 


A cybercriminal publishes medical communications on the Internet concerning several thousand Australians, including some confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The cybercriminal allegedly exploited the lack of encryption in a communications network by radio-media (pager) used by medical institutions in Western Australia. The stolen data contains the telephone numbers, addresses and medical status of thousands of patients and medical professionals in the state. The website on which they were published has since been shut down and the offending communication service has been deactivated. 

Cyber criminals target cold chain organizations involved in storing the COVID-19 vaccine for confidential information.

Cybercriminals posed as a business leader from Haier Biomedical, a Chinese company that is a member of the Vaccine Conservation Program (CCEOP) to e-mail false requests for a quote for participation in the CCEOP. Victims were encouraged to enter their credentials to open malicious HTML attachments. 


Punjab State Police alerted to cOVID-19-related phishing campaign.

The fraudulent URL link circulating on instant messaging purports to provide government financial assistance under COVID-19. If victims click on the link, they are redirected to a questionnaire that, once completed, encourages them to share a link with their contacts. Indian authorities remind people not to click on these fraudulent links that can spread malware or allow cyber criminals to steal financial data. 


Corporate safety is a matter of paramount importance regardless of the status of the company for both small and large companies. A company in there that I worked in was already the victim of a phishing that blocked all the operation of the company everything was stalled, lack of resources related to the size of the company all given, we were lost years of customer data this experience to push the company to more vigilance and to implement an awareness policy for employees , because the error rarely comes from the computer scientist, but from the salesman or the housekeeper or some employee who opens an email and clicks on the link inside without checking or he finds a USB key to enter and insert it into his computer.

So for better security initiated the employees of the company to the gesture barrier as for the covid-19 well check the sender before clicking a link once on a site well verified that the name is correct and that the small padlock is closed.

Ahmed Alidjinou


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