Example of organizing and planning tasks.

Gantt’s method is a method of scheduling tasks developed by Henry L. Gantt, an American engineer, around 1910.

Gantt diagram:

Gantt then developed a diagram to improve the organization of the workshops. It is used to manage projects with a large number of tasks, as the tool is now usable for all types of projects. It is so effective that it is still the most effective way to list the activities necessary to carry out its projects.

Symbolized by an orthonormed marker that links the activity list (in order) to the time units (in abscisse), the diagram allows you to simply visualize all the planned tasks of a project and their deadlines.

The goals of Gantt’s method:

-Determine the optimal time required to complete a project from start to finish.

-Visualize the sequence of different tasks and stages of the project.

-Calculate the margins of the various tasks of the project.

-Identify critical tasks (tasks for which no delay will be tolerated).

-Manage the use of resources as best as possible.

-Follow the progress of the project on a daily basis.

-Provide sufficient in advance the corrective actions to be taken in the event of a delay or overrun of the planned charges.


Simple to use, practical to update, and easily comprehensible to experts as neophytes as well as neophytes, the Gantt diagram is now used by the vast majority of project managers, all sectors combined.

Stéphane Cadeck


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