IAFACTORY is the factory of information architecture. It is an independent studio specializing in design that offers services in web ergonomics, information architecture, design experience, UX: audit, wireframing *, prototyping, optimizations.

* Wireframing is the most visible part of UI design interface design techniques.

UX iafactory design activities are structured around 3 poles: on the one hand, study and design services in information architecture and functional interface design. On the other, training in the disciplines of AI and UX design. Finally, editing activities – content, model, method …

Interface design activities (UI design)

UX design business expertise

The disciplinary field of user experience design is vast. Many UX design business expertise is clustered around the concept of experience design. The UX design resource center offers more than 15 definitions of the UX design and user-centered design professions.

UX user experience design expertise * or user experience design is based on user-centered design methods. The UX methodology encompasses many disciplines including the trades of analysis, design and evaluation. More skills of the UX designer: UX design business expertise.

* User experience design places the customer and the service user at the heart of the value creation process. It is based on user-centered design methods in a cycle that makes evaluation, feedback and user inputs the determining values in guiding the experience. User experience design is a design method that seeks to rebalance the creative process towards users (user-centric or people power approach), as opposed to traditional methods centered on the business of the ordering party (so-called business approach). centric).

Stéphane Cadeck


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