HTML 5.2 is done, HTML 5.3 is coming

HTML 5.2 is done, HTML 5.3 is coming

The W3C has published the HTML 5.2 specification.

Among the main features:

  • The Payment Request API (facilitates web commerce), reducing risks. Browsers will act as an intermediary between the parties of a transaction.
  • The allowpaymentrequest attribute is <iframe> , for integration with the Payment Request API.

Concerning security :

  • Content Security Policy (CSP). The CSP defines, for example, a mechanism by which Web developers can control the resources that a particular page can use.
  • Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) help people with disabilities to get better UX.

Other new features include :

  • The integration with the JavaScript module system of ECMA-262.
  • The definition of the main element > modern responsive design models, and the style element can be used inside the body element.
  • Code flexibility and enhanced security.

HTML 5.2 makes the plugin system obsolete. According to the W3C, new technologies or capabilities such as virtual reality or voice interaction are now being developed as part of the web platform. This often reduces the cost of development and allows more focus on the services users want to create rather than the platform they are on.

Removals :

  • Elements keygen, menu and menuitem.
  • The inputmode attribute for text elements and dropzone attributes.
  • ShowModalDialog.

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