Google was founded in 1995 by two stanford university students larry page and sergey strand, aged 24 and 23, respectively, these two students almost disagreed on everything but eventually developed their search engine. On September 15, 1997 the domain name, was registered, and on September 4, 1998 google inc is created… In the garage of a friend.

Google Origin


Google is one of the largest companies in the market and is part of the « big four » that is Google Amazon Facebook and Apple. The company has about 50,000 employees. Most work at the global headquarters, the Googleplex, in Mountain View, California

In 2011, Google had a fleet of more than 900,000 servers, compared to 400,000 in 2006, making it the largest server farm in the world (2% of the total number of machines), with devices spread across 32 sites . At the same time, the Google search engine indexed more than 1,000 billion web pages in 2008. In October 2010, Google accounted for 6.4% of global Internet traffic and grew faster than the web. In Europe, Google have a 93% market share in search engines.



Google is at the origin of a lot of new technology, but I will try to resume the one that could interest us. Google is at the origin of: GO for example which is a compiled and statically typedprogramming language inspired by C and PascalAndroid which is a mobile operating system based on linux kernelsAngular framework front open source client based on Typescript led by the Angular project team at Google and by a community of individuals and companies, they broaden their field of activity with the acquisition of companies like Orbitera and Apigee for the Cloud Computing sector or artificial intelligence with API. AI, Vision Factory etc…

The giant also has youtube, Gmail, google earth, they are also present in the ad with AdSense which is the advertising agency of Google using websites or YouTube videos as support for its ads or Google Ads, which displays ads or banner ads either on Google or on the network Display partners, which are targeted according to the keywords that the user types or according to his browsing behavior.

And according to one of NASA’s latest report withdrawn since, Google would have achieved quantum supremacy.

The report refers to an experiment done or to verify that a series of numbers were well distributed randomly. According to the simulations done by the researchers, it would have taken about 10,000 years of computing at Summit, the most powerful supercomputer in the world, to complete the operation. Sycamore, Google’s quantum calculator, did the job in 200 small seconds …

Google is a giant, we could continue for hours on this firm/corporation without seeing the end, Thank you for reading or listening.

Kevin San Martino


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